Ayrton Senna: Keeping his brand and legacy alive

Ayrton Senna: Keeping his brand and legacy alive

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Media captionThe Ayrton Senna Foundation is helping millions of students in Brazil
Twenty-three years after his death, former Formula 1 world champion Ayrton Senna’s name is almost as valuable as when he was alive – and it is making a difference in his home country of Brazil.It is Friday afternoon and children around the age of 12 are gathered in the computer lab of a public school in Itatiba, a small town an hour away from Sao Paulo.Class time is already over for the week, but these students have chosen to stay in school for extracurricular activities.They are learning Scratch, a piece of software developed by MIT experts that aims to teach kids how to code.Most public schools in Brazil don’t have computer coding in their curriculum.

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Author: Daniel Gallas

Published: Sat Apr 29 2017 21:07:14 GMT-0400 (EDT)



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