How Jonathon Simmons found his way to the Spurs

How Jonathon Simmons found his way to the Spurs

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Before the soaring dunks and improbable investment from a cornerstone NBA franchise, Jonathon Simmons had been playing pro-am games, participating in chorus music and playing drums at his local church. For all of the pathways toward crime and violence in his hometown of Houston, Simmons had his voice and drum sticks. He calls himself a “1-percenter” who embraced the church to avoid the wreckage surrounding him.

Simmons is 27 now, earning every last second of playing time from San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich. He bounced from junior college to junior college, landing at the University of Houston, and found his break in the NBA Development League and Summer League.

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Author: Shams Charania

Published: Wed Dec 14 2016 10:58:18 GMT-0500 (EST)



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