Brutal: Inside the world of child cage fighting

Brutal: Inside the world of child cage fighting

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It is the heat of battle between two MMA fighters hemmed inside an industrial metal cage. One kicks, punches and strangles his way to brutal victory. His opponent breaks down and cries tears for his mother.

But this is not an unusual end to another televised brawl between two fully grown brutes, this is kids’s MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, which is rapidly becoming one of the nation’s fastest growing sports among children.

It is estimated that three million boys and girls, some as young as five-years-old launch themselves at each other weekly across the nation engaged in Pankration – some wearing no head protection and throwing punches boasting gloves little more than one-inch thick.

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Author: James Nye

Published: Mon Nov 04 2013 22:34:40 GMT-0500 (EST)



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